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Our Services

Our one goal is to provide exceptional services required to make your office furniture installations and transitions successful, with the least amount of disruption to your company’s day to day operations.


Whether you order your furniture online or from a dealer anywhere in the country, it can be shipped to MORE. We can receive product at our warehouse, direct from the factory or supplier. Furniture is delivered and then installed according to factory specifications by trained technicians. Jobs can range from one chair or monitor arm to entire buildings of furniture.


As companies grow and change, so do their furniture and workstation needs. In addition to this, often times tenant improvements at lease renewal require the removal and re-installation of workstations to accommodate carpet replacement and painting of walls. MORE can provide a professional team to help plan and executive these changes. Many times these changes are completed outside of business hours to minimize downtime for the company’s staff.


Businesses change and so do their furniture needs. This often times produces excess. MORE works with our customers to find the best disposition for their excess furniture. The goal of this is to produce a return on the product when possible or at least reduce the cost of removal. MORE works with resources like nationwide used furniture brokers, local dealers and charitable organizations to find a home for the product. When no home can be found, MORE will recycle whatever possible to reduce cost and keep furniture out of landfill. Often times a MORE can give you a reasonable assessment of furniture value or re-homing viability during an initial meeting.


Rather than core drilling or trenching building floors to get power to single workstations or conference tables, many businesses opt to install an under carpet electrical system. This is a flexible and affordable alternative. MORE has experience in working with data pullers, electrical contractors and carpet layers in accomplishing these installations. Our experience has been with manufacturers lines like Thread and Connectrac.


To maximize space utilization furniture occasionally has to be field modified to fit. Other times multiple lines of furniture or walls are combined which requires an experienced and skilled technician to facilitate a workable solution. This also applies to cutting in power and data boxes into conference tables. The installation team at MORE is both equipped and experienced with these challenges and can provide a solution that will resemble custom made factory pieces at a fraction of the price.


The majority of MORE’s installation work takes place during transitions for our customer’s business, such as relocating or expanding. MORE can assist in planning your move, provide materials, equipment, trucks and staff to facilitate the move. Our main focus is to professionally relocate your furniture, computer equipment and office contents in an expedient manner. We work with your move planning team to develop and execute a plan that gets the business back into operation with minimal downtime.


Architectural Wall installation is a more involved and exact process than furniture installations. Building access and integration play a much larger role in the process. MORE has over 20 years of experience installing demountable wall products. We are experienced with and in some cases certified on several different manufacturers’ wall products. From planning and layout to delivery planning and installation MORE can provide an experienced team to complete the installation with professional results.


Often times your company’s business transitions generate surplus furniture, office contents or equipment. MORE can store these items in our heated and staffed warehouse. We have 22,000 square feet of racked warehouse storage that can hold your excess at a fraction of the cost of storing in office space. When coupled with our furniture delivery and installation service, this is becomes a great asset management resource.


Over time stains and environmental contaminants build up in you panels and chairs. Just as you have a cleaning service clean your office space, it is both refreshing and healthy to from time to time clean your office furniture. MORE can provide a crew, cleaning equipment and eco-friendly cleaning agents to restore your panels and seating to a clean and fresh appearance. Depending on your work situation, this can be done outside of business hours to avoid disruption to your staff.


Through our work with many Universities, hospitals, law firms and other records intensive entities, MORE has gained experience installing many different high density mobiles shelving systems. Some of the systems we work with are: Mayline, Metro, Aurora, Slimline, Times2.

Experienced & Certified Professional Installation

Started in 1990 as an installation and refurbishing company, MORE employees have been trained over the years in all facets of furniture services. Not only trained in proper installation methods of systems furniture, our employees systems furniture upholstery and modifications, professional cleaning techniques, office moves, furniture storage and delivery. Combined these talents make MORE your one stop shop for office furniture needs.

Staying on the cutting edge of technology has been a strength of MORE. Scheduling, shipping and receiving are all done on a custom web based program. All installation leads are equipped with the newest smart phones making communication efficient and timely, giving you a real time, eyes on experience no matter where in the world you are.